If you have an account with Medicaid from New York State, we can chauffer you to your doctor appointment. If there’s an emergency, we will be there to serve you.

Arranging for medicaid transportation to and from the doctor’s office can be very difficult when using a shuttle service or mass transit. The pickup and dropoff sites are based on what is convenient for that service instead of what is best for you, the patient. That’s why Sarina’s Limousine and Car Service designed its Medicaid transportation services to go out of its way to provide a comfortable ride that is convenient for you. Just tell us where you want to be picked up and dropped off and we will be there. In fact, we have been recognized as one of the premier providers of non-emergency medical transportation in New York State. If you have an account with Medicaid from New York, we can drive you to any doctors appointment. If you have an emergency, our Medicaid transport will be there to serve you.

Take the worry out of getting to and from your doctor’s appointment. We will provide outstanding care and assistance and make sure you arrive on time.

And when you are leaving the doctor’s office or the hospital, you can be assured of a safe gentle ride home in an immaculate sedan. We will stay in touch with your medical provider so you don’t have to worry about waiting. We will also be there when it’s time to refill that prescription.

Sedan services are designed for patients who are able to transfer in and out of a transport chair with minimal assistance.

Contact us to arrange for a comfortable, convenient ride for your next doctor’s appointment.