Did you know that over three and a half million Americans miss or postpone their medical care because they don’t have transportation? Many Americans either lack the accessibility to mass-transportation or the disposable funds to have access to reliable transportation. If you have Medicaid within the state of New York, our medical transportation can help you get to your doctor’s appointments on time.

Today we’re going to look at how medical transportation plays a vital role in creating a community where citizens have positive health outcomes.

There is an increasing need for non-emergency medical transportation in New York due to an aging population of baby boomers. With an aging population comes an increase number of people with chronic conditions and more needed trips to doctor’s appointments. Our non-emergency medical transportation in NY provides trips to get to and from medical appointments and transfers between hospitals for those who don’t have access to transportation. Our consistent and efficient medical transportation services help the state save money by helping people avoid otherwise costly ambulance rides or ER visits.

Our medical transportation services also provide access to healthcare to those who may otherwise be at a disadvantage and is essential to Medicaid recipients, the elderly, those with low income, or who have disabilities. For people who do not have access to their own transportation or public transportation, because of age, disability, income, or other reasons, our medical transportation services in NY are absolutely necessary.

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