One of the most anticipated events of your teenager’s high school career is prom. Guys will ask their dream girls to go with them on the big night and girls will dream about their perfect prom dress. However, the activities before and after prom are just as exciting and your teenager will love having a chauffeur for their Harriman prom night as it makes a great impression. While your teenager will see having a Harriman limousine as a way to have the most fun, it’s also a way to ease parents’ minds.

It’s important to remember that prom season and wedding season both happen in the Spring. To ensure that you get the car that you want and are able to book with your first choice, we always recommend booking your Harriman limousine for prom at least 2 months out. Once you’ve decided on the right limousine service for you, you should always make sure that you ask a few important questions:

  • What kind of operating license does the limousine company have?
  • What kind of insurance coverage do they have?
  • What does the company require of their drivers?

When it comes to your child’s safety on prom night, you should never let a lower price be the determining factor when booking a Harriman limousine service. Instead, look for high standards, great reviews, and positive references. If a limousine company has offers or prices that seem too good to be true, they’re likely too good to be true.

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